Vision & Values
Vision & Values
Ability,stability, credibility .The success formula of Nanu Enterprises.
It’s a formula ,as the company discovered,that’s sure fire;a formula that never fails to reap a bumper harvest.
Today,seven decades after the humblest of beginnings ,nanu is a name to recon with on the Goan business horizon.Indeed,the ‘nanu’ name lights up on many a Goan sky,on many a towering structure.And it’s a bran that’s here to stay,to help Goa reach greater heights in prosperity and growth.
From a small shop in 1938 in pre-independence,Portuguese Goa,to one of the biggest business names in post independence,free Goa thats the distance nanu Enterprises has traveled.
In these 70-odd years,the company forayed into business after business,with the same success story being repeated again and again.And in each business,the formula is identical:
  • Start small,display ability
  • Consolidate,become stable
  • Build trust and credibility